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Dear IBCLC Lactation Consultant,

Would it change your life to have a sustainable, profitable private practice, being paid what you are worth because you are totally worth it, and avoiding personal stress and burnout as you give so much of yourself to your desperate clients? As an IBCLC, passionate about the work you do, knowing you are making a difference that will last a lifetime for each mother and baby you help on their breastfeeding journey, then the answer is of course, a big fat 'YES!"

Are you...

  • an IBCLC Lactation Consultant with great clinical skills but no idea how to set up a business? 
  • unsure how to unblock your ‘volunteer’ mindset and start charging what you are worth?
  • confused about what systems and strategies to use to grow your business (without losing your mind!)

I know you are committed to helping women breastfeed. I know you are longing to reach more mothers in your beautiful business, so you can share your passion and knowledge and support more breastfeeding families. But it’s hard, right now. 

Where do you even begin to get clients, let alone set up a sustainable, successful practice that also supports you and your own family? After all, you have invested hours and hours and thousands of dollars in your education to become an IBCLC.

Hello, I’m Pinky McKay, I’m an IBCLC and I have been right where you are too.

I breastfed my own five babies for a total of twenty years; I had spent more than a decade helping mums breastfeed, both as a nurse (in NZ) and a volunteer Group Leader with La Leche League;  I blitzed the IBCLC exam and I was confident about my clinical skills, but I had no clue how to create a business as a lactation consultant. 

Fast forward to now. I have created a six-figure lactation practice and another 7 figure business as well. I can confidently say, “I know business just as well as I know breastfeeding.”  

I have gone from ‘nurse and volunteer’ mode to ‘business woman’. I have won awards and recognition as a Female Leader. I have been interviewed on major TV about breastfeeding and about business. I know from my own experience how it feels to unblock that ‘healer and helper’ mindset, and to quiet that small but persistent voice inside your head that says, ‘how can you charge money for something as natural as breastfeeding?’ I have learned how to bridge this mindset gap by ‘giving back’ as I go without ‘giving myself away’ and ending up broke and disheartened.

Best of all, I get to do something that I LOVE every day, serving families and sharing the precious newborn period as I help women mother through breastfeeding.  

I’m nothing special, I started from zero, with no advertising budget and no rich husband to financially support me while I ‘dabbled’. Actually, I was the family bread winner because my husband had recently had his first heart attack (I resuscitated him on our lounge room floor!). I had five kids at home. I had to make my business work. 

Failure wasn’t an option, and neither was playing small. 

But it wasn’t always like this. Until I learned a different way of doing business….

I have invested a small fortune learning from some amazing business coaches and mentors. I came across some who simply didn’t ‘get’ my work as an IBCLC and suggested things that wouldn’t go down with overwhelmed new families and I have also seen and heard a LOT of coaches who have never actually run a real business. It’s a bit like new mum advice, who do you trust? 

Not everything I tried, worked – there was a process of trial and error. I have climbed a steep learning (and earning) curve and I’ve made mistakes along the way.

But I won’t let that happen to you. You see, I am taking a small but committed bunch of IBCLCs under my wing and I’m going to teach you how to build your own beautiful Boobie Business, just like I have. I will hold your hand and (gently) kick your butt all the way as I teach you what steps to take and what to do, in which order, without wasting your precious time or money. 

I want you to know I have your back.

I will only give you the good stuff, the stuff that works – and is still working. I have taken gems from the best business minds there are and woven these strategies into my own business. I have created my own Boobie Business Success Blueprint that I will be sharing in my Boobie Bootcamp, so that you don’t have to waste time on confusing BS that keeps you busy but doesn’t grow your business. 

Like me, you can grow a beautiful Boobie Business that impacts thousands of families.


“Thank -you for your guidance and words of encouragement throughout the Boobie Bootcamp earlier this year. I have worked through being overwhelmed to.. this is happening. I have taken my time since completing the bootcamp, to make sure I present my business to be organised and professional, at minimal cost. I am ready now, as I feel confident in both my clinical and business skills.”

Michele Moretto IBCLC – Feed Sleep Grow & (RN, Child Health Nurse) Michele Moretto IBCLC – Feed Sleep Grow & (RN, Child Health Nurse)

“I can never thank you enough for the incredible information and support that enabled me to take my thought "I think I should start private practice" to a business with a website, social media presence and what's more important - paying clients! You gave me the roadmap and encouraged me each step of the way - Thank you, thank you, thank you. I would highly recommend Boobie Bootcamp to anyone thinking of starting as an IBCLC in private practice.”

Narelle Crane, Endorsed Midwife, IBCLC- Abreast StartNarelle Crane, Endorsed Midwife, IBCLC- Abreast Start

“I found Pinky McKay’s Bootcamp a great grounding to commence my lactation business. Pinky provided great webinars every week through the duration of the course along with many fantastic resources all that will aid you to set up your business. Each week Pinky held a zoom meet with all participants where we could bounce ideas of each other, create a network of professionals and generally just gain support. Within a few weeks of implementing the strategies that Pinky provided, my business had a rapid increase of awareness and income. Belonging to the Facebook private support group provides you with an even further network of support with like minded health professionals. I highly recommend Pinky’s Bootcamp if either you are considering setting up your business or you are already established. Knowledge is empowering.”

Leonie Clements, Motherhood Coaching ServicesLeonie Clements, Motherhood Coaching Services

“The time you have given throughout your Bootcamp and beyond has been nothing short of wonderful. The Business Bootcamp was a tremendous way to begin putting the wheels in motion to start in Private Practice. The modules were easy to understand and follow; the content you provided had all the building blocks to commence building a business successfully from the beginning. The additional follow up and weekly calls with you; are in my eyes priceless. Your expertise and knowledge is second to none and I would highly (and have) recommend your Business Bootcamp to any IBCLC who has thought of branching off into Private Practice. It has been a privilege to be under your mentorship and I will be forever grateful.”

Kyleen Sayer- IBCLC, RN - Lactation Connect Kyleen Sayer- IBCLC, RN - Lactation Connect

“I absolutely loved the Boobie Business Boot Camp! I have been in private practice for two years now and was struggling with imposter syndrome. Since taking part in the course I have felt more confident, I have grown my reach through social media and I have been able to support more families. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to new IBCLCs and to those like me who needed the extra support. Boobie Business Boot Camp is a fantastic investment in not only your business but in yourself.”

Sarah Hudson, IBCLC.  Summer Warmth LtdSarah Hudson, IBCLC. Summer Warmth Ltd

“I have recently completed the online Boobie Business Bootcamp course. I found it at exactly the right time in my career, as I had started a private midwifery business, but needed to incorporate my IBCLC qualifications and courses to expand my business. At first, I thought the course was just an online course, without realising the input we would all receive from Pinky herself. Often when you do these courses online, they feel generic in nature. This was the total opposite experience, and it was the face to face input from Pinky via Facebook live that made it so rewarding and inspiring. Pinky is so generous with her time and information, she made us feel cohesive as a group and she was able to lead the group in a very gentle way. Her knowledge is unquestionable, but it was the personal touch that made the course. It exceeded all my expectations”

Amy Read (IBCLC/RM/RN), Owner of The Mindful Mama Co.Amy Read (IBCLC/RM/RN), Owner of The Mindful Mama Co.

“Pinky's Boobie Business Boot Camp was not only an enjoyable, but very informative and supportive program. Her knowledge, guidance and genuine care to help you succeed in private practice, takes the stress out of the process. Also, the fellow boot camp IBCLC's added to the experience with opportunities for brainstorming and further support. I can highly recommend it to any IBCLC's wanting to start private work. Having Pinky as a mentor is truly amazing!”

Natalie Grinbergs,Midwife, Child and Family Health Nurse, IBCLCNatalie Grinbergs,Midwife, Child and Family Health Nurse, IBCLC

“I decided to start my private IBCLC practice in August. To my delight that coincided with Pinky launching her course. I found the course to be very helpful. From understanding the formalities in setting up a business to the tackling of social media Pinky, with her warmth coached me through it all. I recommend her course to anyone curious about taking the next step into private practice. ”

Simone Mayze RN RM BN IBCLCSimone Mayze RN RM BN IBCLC

“It is a pleasure to highly recommend Pinky’s Boobie Business Bootcamp. I considered it a rare privilege to be given so much from Pinky’s wealth of experience and knowledge. Added to this is Pinky’s warm and engaging style. Pinky’s enthusiasm is infectious, whether you are ‘just thinking about a business’ or you are ‘ready to go’, there is something for everyone – from the beginning basics to the comprehensive ‘nitty gritty’. This course is an extremely worthwhile and valuable investment.”

Trudie Laffan, RN, RM, Child and Family Health Nurse (Clinical Nurse Specialist), IBCLC Lactation Consultant.Trudie Laffan, RN, RM, Child and Family Health Nurse (Clinical Nurse Specialist), IBCLC Lactation Consultant.

“I was starting to play with the idea of starting a private lactation business, but had no idea where to start. Doing Pinky's Boobie Business Boot camp gave me the confidence to think it would be possible, and the tools to get me started. The support and feedback from her, and from the other participants, has been amazing. Advice given generously and when I needed it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Pinky's Boot camp!”

Rhonda Kemsley, IBCLC, RM, RNRhonda Kemsley, IBCLC, RM, RN

EarlyBird DiscountTake advantage of our Earlybird Discount!

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We are offering two payment options

A one time payment or 3 payments over 3 months.

* When you click the Enrol Now button, you will be directed to create an account before you reach the Checkout page. Please take note of your password as this will be used to log into the course!

* When you click the enrol button, you will be directed to create an account before you reach the Checkout page. Please take note of your password as this will be used to log into the course!

What you will learn

Whether you have just passed your exam or if you have been practising as an IBCLC for a few years but are struggling to earn a living that reflects your time and worth; if you are living from ‘feast’ to ‘famine’ with an inconsistent flow of clients and income; or you are simply feeling burnt out from giving so much energy to your calling of helping new mothers, I can help you to:

  • Set up your business and promote your work on a shoestring budget without being crazy nuts busy, wasting time on things that simply keep your wheels turning without growing your business (Hello, social media). And no, you don’t have to be a tech nerd – if I can do it, you can too!

  • Attract clients who love you and appreciate your care, so they become raving fans and promote you to their friends.

  • Avoid personal burnout and stress and above all, get paid what you deserve, because you are great at what you do, and you are totally worth it!

  • Enjoy your work every day, doing what you LOVE, knowing you are making a difference that will last a lifetime for each mother and baby you help on their breastfeeding journey.

What do I get in Pinky’s Boobie Business Bootcamp?

In my eight week Boobie Bootcamp, you’ll receive six weekly classes that will give you exactly what you need, in the order you need, to book more of the clients you love working with and continuously up-level your Boobie Business. 

Then for two more weeks, I will support and guide you as you work on your business, because I understand ‘life happens’ and we all need some space to get ‘All. The. Things.’ done, without feeling totally overwhelmed. 

I want you to feel absolutely confident that you are ready to rock your Boobie Business and to see you get started taking your steps to a successful, sustainable lactation practice.


“Pinky’s Boobie Business Boot Camp gives you everything you need to start your own business - and so much more. Pinky not only offers her knowledge and experience, but also generously shares insider information and industry contacts to ensure your business hits the ground running. One of the most amazing parts of the course is your exclusive invitation to Pinky’s online group, where your membership does not expire once you finish the course. The continued access to other boot campers and Pinky herself is truly invaluable for anyone starting out or revamping an existing business as an IBCLC.”

Emily Brittingham - Bachelor of Health Sciences is BHScEmily Brittingham - Bachelor of Health Sciences is BHSc

“Thank you so much for all your expertise in putting this course together. I never really wanted to work as a private LC, but to gain more confidence following sitting the LC exam and to work in an area I worked hard to study for, I knew it was the right thing to do. But I was really lost. How do I go about doing this? Where do I start? It was like a blessing when I saw an email from you inviting me to the Boobie Business Bootcamp. I learnt so much from you about how to start a private LC business and how to one day expand my LC business. I love the fact that now I have joined I have all the information available to me to look back on and I can join in with the next Bootcamp. Hopefully by then I will be up and running and joining again will encourage me to do more to promote my business. Watch this space...."Baby To Breast Lactation Consultancy" With thanks”

Lisa ThwaitesLisa Thwaites

“Doing Pinky’s Bootcamp was a great encouragement that I was heading in the right direction and gave me some tips to better my private practice. The solidarity from other members of the group has been tremendous as we work together towards the same goal- helping women and their babies. I’d do the Boobie Business Bootcamp again in a heartbeat and recommend it to anyone wanting to start or build on their private practice. ”

Kate Visser -  RN, RM, IBCLC.Kate Visser - RN, RM, IBCLC.

“While I found the Boobie Business Bootcamp extremely helpful it was the support, advice and encouragement from Pinky afterwards that was invaluable. Pinky is always so generous with her time and was never too busy to help whenever I asked for her expertise. I feel like Pinky genuinely cares about those who have undertaken her course and is truly invested in seeing our businesses succeed. I am extremely grateful to Pinky because without her I would still be stressed about decisions I had to make, which lead to procrastination, rather than being able to do what I love.”

Bec Dawson - Registered Midwife (Endorsed), IBCLC.Bec Dawson - Registered Midwife (Endorsed), IBCLC.

Check out the classes here:

  • Week One – Money Magic

    Let’s start by setting up sound business foundations, your practice model, how choosing a name impacts your ‘brand’(and what you need to check first); what registrations you need (professional, financial and legal). PLUS earning what you are worth: create a cost of living analysis, understand your freedom metric, and how you can achieve this through booking and revenue objectives, and charging appropriately to reflect your value and how to demonstrate this to clients.

  • Week Two – Your Winning Website

    You don’t get a second chance to create a good first impression. Create a simple website that shows mothers you are someone she can trust, feel safe and comfortable to have come to her home, ask about her baby and her body. Show you are approachable and non-judgemental. What copy you need (use or adapt my ‘fill in the gap’ scripts); what images you must have, and where to get these free or cheaply.

  • Week Three – Engaging Emails (for free)

    You don’t own your contacts on social media, so it’s important to grow your own list and stay in touch with an email newsletter. Your newsletter can grow your ‘know like and trust’ factor, spread the word about breastfeeding and how you can help mums, keep in touch with clients, gain new clients, remind people you are available. How to grow your list, PLUS the simple tech stuff you can do yourself to set up your newsletter (you can do this for FREE!) plus stress free tips to plan, schedule and create an engaging newsletter.

  • Week Four – Promoting With Passion

    If nobody knows about you, do you even have a business? Two things in this world I can really do well – making a freaking awesome pavlova (which has nothing to do with business or breastfeeding) and marketing and promotions. And I will show you how to do this free or almost free. Create a referral network by connecting with centres of influence (without buying them lunch!); grow an engaged social media following without paying for fancy graphics or wasting precious time (hanging on Facebook checking your ‘likes’ won’t grow your business!); get media coverage (plus a bonus interview with my own media mentor); how to schedule marketing time and share your knowledge to boost your business.

  • Week Five – Creating Viral Content

    You have a wealth of knowledge, sharing is caring, and ‘giving’ leads to ‘receiving’. When you share information, you create trust, you spread the word about breastfeeding, help more women reach their breastfeeding goals and you grow your profile and reputation as an expert – and this grows your Boobie Business! Set up a blog, what to write about (see my list of ideas and where to find more suggestions), how to set up a content schedule so you never run out of ideas, how to be featured as a guest blogger, how to get free content if you don’t feel confident (or have time) to write your own blogs.

  • Week Six – Making Mothers Love You

    When mothers love you, they will do your marketing for you -they will refer you to friends, they will refer you on social media and you want their feedback to be positive. Never underestimate the mummy mafia! How to communicate with mums so they tell you what really matters, set boundaries so you avoid personal burnout and offer great follow up that supports each individual mother.

  • Week Seven – Catchup and Doing

  • Week Eight – Catchup and Doing

Also included: Business Building Bonuses.

  • On Demand Replays Unlimited access

    Class videos and bonus audio interviews are yours to keep. Replay to refresh when you need a boost.

  • Script templates

    Stuck for words? Simply fill in the blanks to write web copy that shows your ideal client ‘she ‘gets’ me and she can help me’. Plus, scripts for phone calls that book your client without giving away a free consult (of course you can offer immediate help, but don’t give away the farm!)

  • PDF Downloads

    Worksheets and handouts with each lesson to quickly clarify your next important business growth move – relax though, I’m not giving you a stack of assignments or ‘busy work’ that will take up your precious time. PLUS, in case you want to go deeper (it’s up to you), I will share my favourite resource links.

  • Collaboration

    Membership in our ‘Boobie Business Bootcamp’ private facebook group for sharing ideas and support. l

  • Checklists

    Create your own unique style of practice (choose how and when and where you want to work – isn’t this the beauty of creating your own business?) and check your progress as you fill out these practical ‘tick the box’ check lists. cklist

  • Weekly Q and A with Pinky

    Stuck? Need clarity? Want some help? Each week – for 8 weeks – I will be online answering your questions. If you can’t make the calls, you can send in your question in advance and we will send you a link to the recording. I totally have your back!

Does this sound a bit like magic?

Well, my kids nicknamed me the ‘Tit Fairy’ for years. I don’t have a magic wand though. This course is magic, for sure, but it is not a magical pill. It's made for movers and doers, not wishful thinkers or whingers who are not ready to take action.

It takes commitment, passion and a ‘roll up your sleeves, get it done’ attitude to create a truly sustainable business. Clearly, you already have this, or you wouldn’t have put in the investment of time, money and energy needed to become an IBCLC. You have what it takes – passion and commitment and you are a ‘roll your sleeves up, get it done’ kind of woman.

So, are you ready to take action?

This strategic blueprint has bonuses alone valued at over $3000! I’ve designed this 8 week group coaching course to give you everything you need to address what IBCLC’s in private practice need most to set up and grow your business - and to be within financial reach of any action takers who want to join us.

For just the price of around two or three lactation consults, you will make more than this amount back, all while you are doing the Boobie Bootcamp, if you follow the simple steps I show you.

EarlyBird Discount

Take advantage of our Earlybird Discount

We are offering two payment options

A one time payment or 3 payments over 3 months.

* When you click the Enrol Now button, you will be directed to create an account before you reach the Checkout page. Please take note of your password as this will be used to log into the course!

* When you click the enrol button, you will be directed to create an account before you reach the Checkout page. Please take note of your password as this will be used to log into the course!

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